My name is Emily, and I live in mid-Michigan with my wonderful husband Nate.  We have two cats, Peyton and Anakin. Peyton is definitely the one in charge of basically everything.  And to answer the next question I’m sure many of you have – he was named after Peyton Manning.  We have tried and tried to control his antics, but he’s proven to us time and again that he will have the last laugh! (Telling him “no” comes with a furrowed brow, and an under the breath meow that can only be a profanity towards one of we humans).  It’s hard catching him in a good picture, but when I do it’s worth sharing

Peyton Lounging


Ah yes, Peyton taking over the couch as he also stakes claim to Nate’s pillow! Notice the look of “what!?” as he gets cozy.







And aptly named, Anakin doesn’t want to make eye contact with the camera, as if he was up to no good. Hmmm…I’m sure we’ll find something knocked over later.





They get antsy inside with the long Michigan winters, and into more shenanigans. Did I mention it snows a lot in Michigan, especially lately.  A LOT!  I’m not kidding, here is a good example –

March 12, 2014

March 12, 2014



Can you tell where my lawn ends and driveway begins? Barely. Looks like Nate has some shoveling in his future!



With cold winters comes lots of cooking, baking and other ways of entertaining ourselves.  In addition to food, I also enjoy gardening, animals and am a bit of a television and movie buff. I hope someday Jeopardy has a tournament specifically for us lovers of the entertainment industry…though I won’t hold my breath.

I hope that you enjoy my blog, and keep in touch! I love to learn new things and share that I have learned with everyone else.


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